Active events

Event NameOrganizerCircuit   
STCC test 2021-05-05 Ljungbyhed STCC Ljungbyhed Park Results Livetiming Email the results
Curbstone 2021-05-05 Curbstone Spa Francorchamps Results Livetiming Email the results
Test J Autodromo Internacional Algarve Autodromo Internacional Algarve Results Livetiming Email the results

Previous events

Start DateEvent NameOrganizerCircuit 
5/3/2021 STCC test 2021-05-04 Knutstorp STCC Ring knutstorp Results
5/3/2021 Vrij Rijden - 2021-05-03 Motorsportschool Zolder Zolder Results
5/3/2021 ZomeravondCompetitie Motors - 2021-05-03 RSZ Motoren Zandvoort GP Results
5/2/2021 Mammut Trophy 2021 Bike Races Scandinavian Raceway Results
5/2/2021 Saint Petersburg Rallycross CUP 2 Igora Drive Saint Petersburg Igora Rallycross Results
5/2/2021 Vrij Rijden - 2021-05-02 Motorsportschool Zolder Zolder Results
5/1/2021 Saint Petersburg Rallycross CUP Igora Drive Saint Petersburg Igora Rallycross Results
4/30/2021 Bandag Mc & Licenskurs Arc 2021 Bike Races Scandinavian Raceway Results
4/30/2021 Junkyardrace 2021-04-30 Circuit Zandvoort Zandvoort GP Results
4/30/2021 Track Day 04/30/21 Igora Drive Saint Petersburg Igora Rallycross Results
4/28/2021 Filip Backlund Track Days 28 - 29 april Filip Backlund Trackdays Ring Knutstorp Results
4/27/2021 Filip Backlund Track Days 27 april 2021 Filip Backlund Trackdays Ring Knutstorp Results
4/27/2021 ZomeravondCompetitie Motors - 2021-04-27 RSZ Motoren Assen Results
4/24/2021 Vrij Rijden - 2021-04-24 Motorsportschool Zolder Zolder Results
4/23/2021 Corvette Club Sweden Ljungbyhed Raceway Ljungbyhed Park Results
4/23/2021 Race4fun Anderstorp 2021 Race4fun Scandinavian Raceway Results
4/22/2021 Vrij Rijden - 2021-04-23 Motorsportschool Zolder Zolder Results
4/23/2021 4th Hankook 12H PAUL RICARD 2021 24H Series Paul Ricard Results
4/21/2021 DRDO 2021-04-21 DRDO Zandvoort GP Results
4/21/2021 Vrij Rijden - 2021-04-22 Motorsportschool Zolder Zolder Results
4/19/2021 Vrij Rijden - 2021-04-19 Motorsportschool Zolder Zolder Results
4/18/2021 RX Trainingsdag 2021-04-18 Dutch Championship Eurocircuit Results
4/17/2021 Scuderia Praha Auto Rennen Red Bull Ring Results
4/17/2021 Vrij Rijden - 2021-04-17 Motorsportschool Zolder Zolder Results
4/17/2021 珠海市汽车摩托车运动协会会赛 (2021年4月17-18日) China Zhuhai Circuit Results
4/16/2021 Hockenheim - Preis der Stadt Stuttgart Auto Rennen Hockenheim GP Results
4/15/2021 Vrij Rijden - 2021-04-15 Motorsportschool Zolder Zolder Results
4/13/2021 Curbstone 2021-04-14 Curbstone Spa Francorchamps Results
4/13/2021 Kateyama - Professional Track Days - 2021-04-13 and 14 Oschersleben Oschersleben Results
4/12/2021 ZomeravondCompetitie Motors - 2021-04-12 RSZ Motoren Assen Results

Making event results available for everyone.

The results and timing information of all autosport -, motorsport- and other events timed with RSTime timing software are available on this website. From 2004 we have been building this online database including interesting information like:

  • Results per class
  • Secor times
  • Pit and stimt times
  • and many more...


All Results are available as PDF online and for download.

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Spectacular Live Timing and Race Tracker

Real-time Live Timing and an accurate Race Tracker enable you follow every race. Use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to enjoy the race no matter where you are. Find your favourite circuit in the list below or go to the Live Timing page


About RaceResults

You want to know how you, your competitor or your favorite driver performed on the track today?

RaceResults will give you all the information you need with our live-timing during the race and race results after the finish. RaceResults is an initiative of and shows the results of events timed with RSTime timing software. We have build an online database with event results from 2004 until now. Among the results are all kinds of motor- and autosport events timed at different circuits, for example; 24H races of Zolder and Dubai, ONK and KNMV Cup races at TT circuit Assen, Sidecar festival at Motorsportarena Oschersleben, Karting events and many more. 

At the results page the timing information of every heat can be found shortly after the Qualification or Race is finished. Depending on the circuits timing points and the type of race, sector times, pit and stint times, laptimes, startgrids, and more will be available.

Our newest addition to the RaceResults website are the Live timing and Race Tracker. This application is the best way to follow the race. If you have a modern laptop, tablet or smartphone you can watch the live timing and tracker. Both the live timing and tracker are realtime, without delays. The live timing shows the realtime race positions, laptimes, gaps, diff, sector times and more. The Tracker tracks the position of the cars that are driving on the track.

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